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Muslim Women Fashion : 2009 Fashion Styles : Miami Swim Fashion Week 2011.

Muslim Women Fashion

muslim women fashion

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muslim women fashion - Visibly Muslim:

Visibly Muslim: Fashion, Politics, Faith

Visibly Muslim: Fashion, Politics, Faith

Muslims in Britain and cosmopolitan cities throughout the West are increasingly choosing to express their identity and faith through dress, whether by wearing colourful headscarves, austere black garments or creative new forms of Islamic fashion. Why is dress such an important issue for Muslims? Why is it such a major topic of media interest and international concern?

This timely and important book cuts through media stereotypes of Muslim appearances, providing intimate insights into what clothes really mean to the people who design and wear them. It examines how different ideas of fashion, politics, faith, freedom, beauty, modesty and cultural diversity are articulated by young British Muslims as they seek out clothes which best express their identities, perspectives and concerns. It also explores the wider social and political effects of their clothing choices on the development of transnational cultural formations and multicultural urban spaces.

Based on contemporary ethnographic research, the book is an essential read for students and scholars of religion, sociology, cultural studies, anthropology and fashion as well as anyone interested in cultural diversity and the changing face of cosmopolitan cities throughout the world.

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how women really dress in the middle east

how women really dress in the middle east

I've been to the Middle East. This is how Muslim women are really dressing these days, sans the nail polish (we've got spectactular eye liner to make up for it). The reason no nail polish: Muslims pray five times a day, and before prayer, hands must be washed with water (the nail polish is an enamel and doesn't allow water to permeate the nail). So, if we Islamic girls wanted to wear nail polish, we'd have to be always taking it on and off. (Not practical, but some ladies with maids manage it, and carry a bottle of remover with them every where. Not practical for the average sister sans a hand maid to dress us, brush our teeth, and do our nails five times a day. But sans the black Chanel polish, these girls dress like the majority do: notice the sunglasses are taking the place of the veil as a fashion, just as the veil replaced the birqa.

Muslim lady in profile

Muslim lady in profile

Lady in colourful headscarf. Most ladies go for black headscarves (sheyla) to match the black abayas but not always. I finally realised why there is always another covering beneath the scarf.. the cloth slides off your hair otherwise!!

muslim women fashion

muslim women fashion

The Women of Afghanistan Under the Taliban

Even though the people of Afghanistan in general suffered under the rule of the Taliban, women lived especially difficult lives, enduring terrible hardships. They were denied basic human rights, forced to wear veils and kept in seclusion. This work addresses the religion, revolution, and national identity of Afghan women and places them within their gender-political and religious-political roles, thus elevating our understanding of their abuse, imprisonment and murder, and offering a basis for their rehabilitation. Powerful and moving interviews with Afghan women conducted and translated by the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan are presented and a brief history of the struggle of the Afghan women and an overview of the conflict between the Afghans and the Taliban are included.

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